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Loiter Jacket

Loiter Jacket

The Loiter Jacket

“An informal Sports Coat”

There was a time when a man would wear a dark suit during the week and then a brown suit at the week–end. During the 60’s and 70’s the week–end suit started to be replaced with a more casual style jacket known as a sports coat.

The Loiter jacket takes it’s inspiration from this era. A boxier shape with a more casual feel and structure than a blazer. There are side tabs if you want to give the jacket more shape and two flap front pockets for a relaxed feel. One interesting satorial detail is the double–sided tab closure on the collar. This feature is taken from a jacket manufactured by Arnys ( a famous atelier based on the left bank in Paris ). The unique fastening method allows the two tabs to fold back giving the appearance of a standard notch collar when not in use but when used it it creates a “storm collar”.





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