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Baracuta was founded by the Miller Brothers in Manchester England in 1937 and is the manufacturer behind the iconic G9 Jacket which gained cult like status from the 1950s onwards due to it being worn by the likes of Elvis Presley, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, and Steve McQueen. In 1964 the G9 became universally known as the “Harrington” jacket thanks to the popularity of Ryan O’Neal who played Rodney Harrington in the American TV series Peyton Place. Many British subcultures adopted the G9 as part of their uniform, most notably Mods, Skinheads and Punks. It was also a staple of the Preppy and Ivy scene.

They also developed the G4 which had many of the same design features of the G9 including the unmistakable umbrella back yoke (a cape sewn on the back of the jacket to help rain flow easily off) but had an open hem rather than an elasticated one.

Barbour, founded in South Shields England in 1894 is the choice of coat for the land of gentry, gamekeeper and poachers alike and recognised the world over for their famous wax cotton jackets, the Bedale and Beaufort to name but a few. Daiki has many vintage Barbour coats in his vast vintage archives and has collaborated on many occasions with Barbour through his own Engineered Garments brand. 

The “Clayton Wax” represents the hunting and shooting Barbour aesthetic while the “Brown Wax” style takes it’s inspiration from the Baracuta side, inspired by the G4 jacket that was originally released in 1944.




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